Captain Dash


n dimensions + 1 metric

Shows the distribution of a metric on several dimensions, with the value of each dimension’s distribution shown on the next dimension. Example : It’s possible to distribute the “visits” metric on a “types of visitors” dimension where the values could be “new” and “known”, then distribute the “new” and “known” on a dimension “sex” between male and female.

A simple example

Let's say you want to track the entire journey of your visitors. Which channels do they come from? Which pages do they land and leave on?

Try it with your own data on the Visualization Playground

Let's analyze a bit

You can clearly see that the majority of your visitors are new. Most of your new visitors come directly to your website via url, but a significant portion also come from referrals. Your known visitors mostly come from organic search.

All of your organic search visitors accessed your website from, and most of your referred viewers come from, or

What about landing pages?
Direct and organic search visitors land on /the-company, /the-product or /home pages.
Uh oh...your referrals are landing on your /404 page.
You must have removed a page from your website which was referred to by an external link. Something must be done about your 404 page and your /511 page because people land on it and leave without ever finding your home page.

Is this the journey you had in mind for your visitors?