Captain Dash


1 dimension + 3 to 6 metrics

Compares several elements of a dimension on 3-6 different metrics. Effective when your objective is to achieve the highest score in each metric because you can see which metrics are lacking in each dimension.

A simple example

Let's say you want to quickly scan your social network presence across each of your platforms. How big is your community? Is it engaged? How much are people interacting with your brand?

Try it with your own data on the Visualization Playground

Let's analyze a bit

Using the carousel to change the social network view, we see that Twitter and Dailymotion are somewhat comparable.
Your Facebook may not have the largest community, but your engagement rate and amount of interactions is something to be proud of.
Your Google+ community is small but engaged, as opposed to your large, passive Linkedin community.

Is this what you expected?