Captain Dash


1 dimension + 2 to 3 metrics

Allows us to compare the different elements of a dimension on two or three metrics. Effective when one metric represents quantity or volume, encoded in the size of the bubbles, and when two other metrics represent quality, encoded in the placement of the bubble on the x axis.

A simple example

Let's say you want to compare your countries' websites by the quantity and quality of visits. By representing the quantity of visits by the size of the bubbles, you can immediately pick out the country with the highest number of visits. By representing quality in the placement of the bubble, you can see which one is the best by it’s relation to the x axis. The ideal bubble would be bigger and closer to the top right corner.

Try it with your own data on the Visualization Playground

Let's analyze a bit

We can immediately see that France’s bubble is massive compared to the other countries.
We can then see that all bubbles remain relatively in the same area, with a time spent at about 01:00 and a bounce rate of 80%.
However we can see that, in terms of quality of visits, the countries appear to be grouped but a few are clearly detached.
For example, Monaco excels in time spent and India has a high bounce rate.

We can also see that Cameroon performs well in terms of time spent but has an unexceptional bounce rate, meaning that although few people visit the website, they tend to stay for a while. In contrast, Romania’s website has a good bounce rate but a low time spent, meaning that although visitors don’t leave the website immediately, the visitors don’t spend a large amount of time navigating the content.

So what is better for your business...quantity of visitors or quality of each visit?