Captain Dash

Bars with objective

1 dimension + 2 metrics

The bars with an objective visualization grants you the ability to compare your activities against a pre-set numerical objective or benchmark while also permitting a progressive view of your results over time.
Do your sales meet your expectations? Are your results getting closer to or further from your goals each month?

A simple example

In this example we examine your progressive sales over time.

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Let's analyze a bit

You can see that your revenue increased slightly between January and February then declined steadily from February and June. As you follow your sales evolution over time, the gap between the orange line and your bar can show you how your results stacked up against your goals or expectations. You were closest to meeting your objectives in February, March, and June; however, in January and May your performance was lacking.

Perhaps you need to increase the headcount of your sales team or adjust your trajectory to reflect your knowledge of past results.